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Northwest Vocal Studio offers private voice and songwriting lessons in Kitsap county for you to level up your singing and songwriting abilities!

Voice Lessons

I am here to guide you in your journey to improve your vocal skills! I will assess your voice type and begin implementing practices to develop your range as your voice continues to evolve over time. We will cover the following practices to take care of your voice and refine your singing technique:

Vocal Care
In order to access your full potential as a singer, you must learn how to take care of your instrument. You are a living, breathing instrument. Therefore your sleep, water intake, and daily habits greatly impact the condition of your instrument. In our lessons, you will learn how to take care of your instrument long term and achieve true vocal longevity. It is important to know how to properly warm up your instrument before you practice and follow up with a cool down just like you would in any workout.

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